“As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.”(Exodus 17:11)


默想禱告:10/23日在伊州首府春田舉行「反同性婚立法」的抗議行動中,美、中及各族裔基督徒社群聯手在國會大厦圓型大廳內Capitol Rotunda唱詩禱告所發出屬靈的正能量, 震撼著每個人的心。據州務卿安檢人員估計,當天約有4至5千人進出,芝加哥區眾華人教會基督徒參加遊行159人,僅佔全體人数百份之四(4%),但弟兄姐妹受壓縮的壯志豪情卻頃刻拼發如火花四射。(七小時來回車程,两小時抗議活動)除配合伊州家庭協會IFI整體活動, 参加大廳內唱詩,聆聽議員發言、各裔族眾多牧者講話/禱告、與州議員面談抗議“同性婚”立法外,我們華人基督徒更全體聚集在國會大厦外「林肯像」的台階前,眾人舉起巨大的橫幅,百餘個標語牌,交相揮動,同聲高喊醒目口號「一男一女」 「一夫一妻」 “One Man,One Woman” “No to SB10”, http://marriage1m1w.wix.com/marriagetestsite-1#!blog/c1zwz由眾教會牧師傳道帶領,集體跪地禱告,稍後沿國會大厦四周遊行,仿傚當年「耶利哥」繞城而行的壯舉。我們一 路呼口號、唱詩、吹羊號角(猷太人的shofar)和擊羅打鼓,吸引許多路人、車輛的注意力,不少的本地美國人給我們打氣加油。當晚芝加哥的2台CBS及 7台ABC於晚間新聞,都報導了這個好幾千人的抗議“同性婚”法案的消息。NBC網上的短片報導中,出現惠頓華人教會的一姐妹帶她三個小孩,對記者發言為 神所定規的「one man andonewoman」婚姻作了美好見証。http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/illinois-gay-marriage-opponents-springfield-rally-228908011.html 這是大芝加哥區眾華人教會基督徒一次重要合作,在聖靈感動,同心一致,很有默契,為主作了真理的見証。然而捨下披甲才不過幾天, 太平洋彼岸又傳来 同志大遊行3女裸身爭平等」的惡訊。http://www.worldjournal.com/view/aTaiwannews/23930166/article-%E5%90%8C%E5%BF%97%E5%A4%A7%E9%81%8A%E8%A1%8C-3%E5%A5%B3%E8%A3%B8%E8%BA%AB%E7%88%AD%E5%B9%B3%E7%AD%89?instance=hot_tw  禱 告中我恍然大悟,原來那惡者摧毀家庭倫理的策略乃是全球性的運作,到處煽風點火,蠱惑視聽,硬把同性戀LGBT升格為「時尚」的維權運動。祈願港台教會此 時不要再三緘其口,反而立場要鮮明,表態要積極,不然港台大陸,亦將迅速被同性戀運動這股毒氣霾霧全面籠罩而窒息,引致整個社會發炎潰瘍,味如惡臭。 (“中国同志运动的婚姻革命” http://www.tongyulala.org/newsview.php?id=1682) 基督徒與惡者的爭戰乃屬於「陣地戰」「濠溝戰」(TrenchWarfare)是持續性,時刻不可鬆懈的對抗,堅守原則,亦同樣重視策略的整體行動配合,更需要有屬靈領袖挺身而出,前仆後繼地摇旗呐喊,帶領基督精兵向前邁進, 不能只做個「書呆子」的信徒。求主憐憫, 也加添我們的力量,靠著得勝有餘的主的大能大力,擊退仇敵。奉主耶穌聖名祈求禱告,阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享:請支持「搶救台灣的婚姻制度」上網連署https://taiwanfamily.com/ 行動)


Meditation & Prayer: It was a unique experience for me to attend the rally in Springfield on 10/23. My heart is all pumped up after reading the following article:


“Concerned Christian Ministries: ‘Defend Marriage Rally’ Another Success!

Posted by Angela Wittman on October 24, 2013


God answered our prayers and honored all the hard work of Illinois Family Institute and the volunteers today with an extremely successful marriage rally! Although we do not know the number of people who attended, the Secretary of State’s Police closed the doors of the Capitol, saying that the Capitol had reached its occupancy limits. Estimates of people attending run between 4-5,000 people.


The supporters of marriage really came from all over the state. It was a joy to visit with so many friends from all around the state and the various churches I have preached in over the years. I renewed acquaintance with a pastor friend who I have not seen for over 15 years today.


There were people from all ethnic groups. At the prayer service, there were people praying in English, Spanish, and even Chinese. What a joy to hear the name of Jesus and the praises to him in prayer today. What a blessing to be there and participate.


Showing up at the Capitol made a clear statement to the Illinois legislators–especially since the crowd was much larger than that of yesterday (even though the press continues to exaggerate the attendance of those on Tuesday and minimizes the number attending today).”


As for myself, I am very proud of our Chinese rally, despite 159 participants, about 4% of the 4,000. Yet we were the loudest, raising huge banners and plagues, marching down the Capitol Hill streets chanting slogans at the Lincoln Statute; while inside the rotunda, a sister with 3 children voiced her opinion with boldness in front of the camera http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/illinois-gay-marriage-opponents-springfield-rally-228908011.html 


But I also remain vigilant and realistic despite this temporary success, knowing that we are engaging in a “Trench Warfare”, we have to dig in. Gay marriage activism is burning like wild fire around the world, even spreading ferociously in Taiwan and Hong Kong, followed by Mainland China. I pray to the Lord for his mercy, grant us the strength to stand firm, and ask for more spiritual leaders to exert their leadership to lead us to victory, in Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


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