「飢 渴 慕 義 的 人 有 福 了 ! 因 為 他 們 必 得 飽 足 。」(馬太福音 5:6)

“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

黙想禱告: 詹姆士James 每天早晨進我的辦公室拖地打掃, 高挺的身材像是北方人。

一個月來, 我總是跟著同工們說: 「James早! 」攪不懂為甚麼每個人都只用他的英文名字打招呼。有一回我找機會和他搭訕幾句: 「謝謝您給我打掃的那麼乾淨!」「您上那個教會? 」

「我不是基督徒!」他很直截的回答。「但我在You tube上看了一些基督教的講道短片, 覺得挺有啟發。」「我發現自己以往想的全都是現實世界的事, 但這些錄像卻幫助我明白生命原來還有更高的存在意義, 並且有永恆的價值。」

「那我邀請您明晚來聽一場佈道會吧, 這位講員叫遠志明牧師, 他很受歡迎, 我可以給您票, 我們已經快發完1.200張入場票啦。」

「您不用費心, 我早就拿了。」他一副很得意的樣子。「我下午四點就走過去佔位子, 因為從我家走路要一個多小時。」

「不必太早, 我們一定會給您留位子。」我欣賞J. 這樣的認真, 絲毫沒有感覺他來是想湊熱鬧的味道。

那天晚上人頭湧湧, 同工頻頻多加摺椅, 擔心晚來的人找不到位子。我除了當司機接送講員, 也在入場處做招待。當時人太多, 没看見J. 但心中為他默禱, 求聖靈光照他。

送 講員回旅館後, 在回家的路上, 太太把隨身的照相機打開, 許多幅照片中,她特別找了一張給我看, 接著興奮地說: 「James信主啦, 我請領他到前台作決志禱告的孫牧師跟他合照, 你看看。」我斜著眼,看見James那副喜樂滿盈的笑容, 恍惚從照片中如泉湧溢出, 深深感染著我們。


週六他竟然出席在福音廣場舉行的“紐約市差傳年會”, 聽李秀全牧師 “比鄰若天涯” 的宣教信息, 週日他又一大早來孫牧師的教會崇拜。

J. 對聖經內容, 上帝話語如鹿渴慕溪水般熱切汲取的態度令我簡直難以置信; 表現出來真像是一個恒常活在飢餓狀態的流浪漢, 突然間找到一台桌豐盛的宴席, 立刻就衝了上去,左手先抓一把, 右手又同時將食物往嘴裡塞那種狼吞虎嚥的狼狽相。

後來有人告訴我J. 有一段不尋常的人生經歷。我聽了連一句都沒有進入耳朵, 因為知道J. 是 “新造的人”「舊事已過, 一切都變成新的。」(哥後5:17) 他的過去, 我們的往事, 神都早已一筆勾銷!

短 短一個月, 我已經接觸過不少没有合法身份, 瀕臨絕境的人。他們的需要不是我能滿足; 他們心靈最深處的飢渴, 只有主耶穌的救恩才能供應充足的填滿。為J. 而感恩, 祈求更多人透過角的事工找到永恆的望,禱告奉主耶穌聖名, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享-請聽陳弟兄早年創作曲 “耶穌我需要你”)


Meditation & Prayer: James has been mopping my office floor every early morning.  I never asked his Chinese name and was curious why everyone only greets him by his English first name.

One morning I decided to strike up a conversation with him: “Thank you for cleaning my office. It is spotless. What church do you attend?” I asked.

“I am not a Christian!” James quickly answered. “But sometime I watch short videos on you-tube about Christianity. The message is quite thought provoking. It helps me to think beyond the material world which is so temporary. I agree there is something that is eternal.” I was impressed with his philosophical view on life.

“Well, I would like to invite you to our special event tomorrow evening. Our speaker is Rev. Yuan, a dynamic Chinese Evangelist. He is very popular among Chinese intellectuals. I can give you an admission ticket. We have passed out close to 1,200 tickets so far.” I drummed up my sales pitch.

“I already got one. I’ll be there by 4 pm. It will take me an hour to walk over there.” He softly replied.

Apparently James was quite prepared. “No need be that early, I’ll save you a seat.”

Streams of people passed through that night; extra hundred folding chairs were arranged to prevent an overthrow. Yet I didn’t see James walking by.

After driving Rev. Yuan back to the hotel, Sarah showed me all the pictures she took right after the altar call. One picture popped out that drew my immediate attention. “That’s James. He accepted Jesus tonight. I took his picture with his counselor Rev. Suen.”  Sarah was equally excited to pass me the news. And I saw James’ face filled with joy like a river, seemingly flowing out directly from the still photo.

Then I continued to see James two days in a roll after his conversion. Saturday he attended the World Mission Conference, and on Sunday he arrived very early to attend worship service at Rev. Suen’s church in the Gospel Plaza. 

His spiritual appetite for God’s word overwhelms me, as though he was a vagabond deprived of food for a long long time, suddenly finds himself at a banquet table, quickly grabs hold of multiple gourmet dishes and juggles them in between two hands.

Merely a month, I have encountered many that are in a state of spiritual hunger, far more troubling than the issue of no legal status and other social injustice. I praise God for James who finds the meaning of life, and pray for more opportunities to reach out to those are still wandering without purpose, in Jesus holy name I pray, amen.(Brother Mike Chan sharing)


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