耶穌說:「我就是道路、真理、生命。若不藉著我,沒有人能到父那裡去。」(約翰福音 14:6)


“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)


「除他以外, 別無拯救,因為在天下人間,沒有賜下別的名我們可以靠著得救。」(使徒行傳 4:12)


“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)


默想禱告: 一位中年婦人來查詢移民服務中心有關入籍的全套服務, 我用心地向她解說服務內容。


她一面聽, 另一面繼續盯著牆上的海報, 然後轉過頭來瞄我一眼, 語態輕挑的說: 「你們提供的服務與其他機構大致相同, 沒什麼特別。」


我聽了心中感覺不爽, 趕緊接口: 「我們有資深移民官給學生個別指導, 其他機構肯定沒有這一項。」


「還不是差不多的內容, 差不多的教法! 」她掉頭很不耐煩地快快離開服務台,我連介紹自己就是那位曾經考過無數入籍申請人的移民官的機會都沒有。我本想讓她明白有內行人正確提點就能事半功倍, 可惜她認為什麼都是差不多。


回到辦公室坐下, 我突然想起大學年代讀過鲁迅的一篇短文-“差不多先生” 。這是鲁迅對當代國民求知態度、民族劣根性的批判。“差不多先生” 常常說: 「凡事只要差不多, 就好了。何必太精明呢!」http://www.cnad.com/html/Article/2006/1030/20061030164124776.shtml



一世紀後, “差不多先生” 的性情面貌,依然是光鮮亮麗地在中國社會文化各層面中持續發酵, 恍惚已經感染至國人心靈的深處, 對信仰的認知和辨識的嚴肅課题上更是如此。


「所有宗教都是勸人為善, 都差不多。」「有個心靈寄託就好了, 何必太認真!」「社會主義, 資本主義都差不多, 反正賺到錢就好了。」「宗教都是精神鴉片, 抽哪一種也是鴉片。」這是我經常聽見的妙論。


最有趣的現象是在法拉盛公園晨運時, 我總是經常看見一群中年男女在球場正中央練習跳交際舞,在激烈的摇滾節拍中, 我卻看到一雙一對地跳出「華爾滋」Waltz的步調, 實在令我啼笑皆非, 忍俊不禁, 好像是那一種音樂配那一種步法都沒大關係, 反正都是音樂嘛。


真正懂得鑑別寶石或古董的專家馬上可以識別出水貨和贗品, 在信仰的領域上, 「真理」肯定是具有「獨排眾議」,排他性、獨一無二的特質, 是絕對可以經得起歷史、文化、信仰生命的嚴峻考驗,越被人批判排斥, 真理的亮度便越發光芒, 像那不斷被雕琢的精鑽。


主耶穌說:「我就是道路、真理、生命。若不藉著我,沒有人能到父那裡去。」(約翰福音 14:6)這是一句革命性的宣言, 是人類精神生命的柱石, 是受造者與宇宙創造主重新銜接的唯一通道。對這一句關乎生命終極去向的宣言解讀只有兩種態度-1) 都差不多, 嗤之以鼻; 或2) 嚴肅對待, 專心求證。


「你們要親近神,神就會親近你們。」(雅各書 4:8)




求 主憐憫中國, 賜給國民有一顆願意追求,認識聖經真理的心靈, 不容讓“差不多先生” 輕率的意念恒常地佔據內心, 而是集體回轉專心尋求主的面, 使國 家民族蒙受神莫大的祝福。至於基督徒, 我們更務必嚴謹地研讀神的話語, 摒棄不求甚解的 “差不多”態度, 免得落入異端的陷阱, 靈命大受虧損,奉主 耶穌聖名禱告, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)


Meditation and Prayer: A recent incident refreshed my memory of reading one of the most prominent authors of the modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun (鲁迅 1881-1936). One of his short essays entitled    “Mr. Almost”, a comical character which the author used to describe the quintessential Chinese national character during his time.


Mr. “Almost” always says: “It is more or less the same on everything, you don’t need to be serious about anything!”


Through vivid analogies and exaggerated characters, Lu Xun presented his personal vision of Chinese society. The intensity and darkness of this vision makes reading a Lu Xun story a moving and disturbing experience.


Lu Xun later recalled: "However rude a nation was in physical health, if its people were intellectually feeble, they would never become anything other than cannon fodder or gawping spectators . . . The first task was to change their spirit; and I decided that literature and the arts were the best means to this end." 


A century later, traces of Mr. “Almost” mentality are still lingering in the contemporary Chinese society, creating an after effect on the Chinese culture and politics, particularly in the spiritual realm.  


I always hear Chinese people say: “All religions are the same; they teach us how to mold good behavior.”, “All religions are opium of the people, it doesn’t matter what kind of opium.”, “Socialism and Capitalism are more or less the same, as long as it allows us to make some money.” That’s how an atheist society brainwashes its citizens into believing any religion has no intrinsic value or imbue them with a Mr. “Almost” mentality.


Lu Xun attempted to change people’s spirit by literature and arts. Unfortunately, it never works. Only knowing what “Truth” really is, one’s soul can be free from any form of bondage, more powerful than changing one’s mind.


“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)


Until we understand and accept the notion that real “Truth” does possess its intrinsic quality of Exclusivity, and there is only one way to attain the “Truth” which is through Jesus Christ himself, people will be locked into a perpetual state of spiritual relativism, and there is no way out.


May the Lord have mercy on the Chinese people, granting them a “Truth” seeking heart, just as prophet Jeremiah 29:13 said: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  In Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


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