“A woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table. When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked. “This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.” (Matthew 26:7-9)



其實整個旅途的演唱,包括在北京,青島,上海各地,我都敏感的察覺到團隊行動處處被監視的暗影。然而每當我們遇到受攪撓,受攔阻的困境,事情總是會奇妙地化解,結局總是會出人意外的順暢,因為在衪沒有難成的事,恍惚惡終為善所勝,抵擋的敵意輾轉被上帝深邃的愛所銷鎔,所吸納,化成一首一首讚美的天籟。「這樣做值得嗎?」五年後我問自己,答案依然是那般爽朗,那樣篤定。但我也明白,萬事各按其時,有些刻骨銘心的經歷一輩子可能衹出現一次;違背對主的許願,錯過委身投入的行動,或壓制著把那最珍貴的香膏,最真誠愛主,向主傾倒的衝動,日後都很可能成為基督徒終身遺憾的心靈埋伏。想到有一天身體逐漸衰殘,或被生活擔子重壓心頭的光景,那股起初對主火辣辣的愛,那股轟烈的事奉激情頹然冷卻,生命遂變成一束黯淡的休止符,在憂傷中漸漸消褪,在虛空中迅速流逝,是基督徒何等悲涼的一幕終局!「我把這一次中國音樂宣教之旅成為我人生里程的一個標籤」馬可認真的說。至於我,我已將餘生獻為主用,但願主不嫌棄這無用的器皿,潔淨我這顆曾經遲遲不肯被開解的心結,奉主耶穌聖名禱告,阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享:請瀏覽及聆聽「天樂合唱團錄製的聖樂CD) http://mmm4him.org/index.php?route=content/viewarticle&id=298, http://mmm4him.org/index.php?route=content/article&id=1)


Meditation & Prayer: Having lunch with Mark Rudd, member of the Majesty Chorale, and Dr. Wu & Dr. Henry Pong, last weekend at Valpro U. of Indiana, I tested Mark’s memory. “Do you remember what happened before we got on stage in 2008 Beijing’s Pre-Olympic concert?” “How can I forget, Mike!” It was a nerve wrecking moment. We were literally warned by the Chinese government that we could not sing religious music to the audience. “But our entire repertoire was based on Christian hymns!” Greg, our conductor, was quite frustrated. We could not possibly amend the program at the last minute. So we gathered around the platform and prayed in this helpless predicament. As we lined up to get on stage, I heard something that was beyond my comprehension.http://mmm4him.org/index.php?route=common/video&f=http%3A//mmm4him.org/i...

The announcer raised his subdued tone at the microphone: “The purpose of the Majesty Chorale from Chicago is to share the Christian brotherly love with our Chinese people through choral music, and to communicate a message of hope.” My jaw dropped and eyes widened in shocking amazement. One moment we were told no Christian song, the next moment you are here to convey the Christian love. We immediately reckoned that only the Holy Spirit can change everything at the brink of our eyes. Truly, throughout the entire 10 days concert tour, we felt being watched by people to ensure we did not step out of line, indiscreet acts that might be construed as violating Chinese religion policy. But I have faith that God will work things out. I prayed to him and appealed: “I hope that you’ll consider accepting our genuine hearts and mind to honor your name by taking this risk, spending enormous effort-over a year of rehearsal, raising funds to finance the trip…most of all our commitment to proclaim Christ’s name to the Chinese people in public despite strict censorship.” God’s response to our collective prayer was to allow us to experience every deliberate maneuver by the government was subsequently turned into positive outcomes. Like the woman came to Jesus with an alabaster jar, God appreciate our offering to show him our love. Perhaps we can ask ourselves-Have we ever poured ourselves unto Him, given him the best moments of our lives, our undivided attention toward expanding his kingdom, served him with personal sacrifices without intense calculations of how much we would lose in terms of our time, money and other worldly pursuits? To many of us, precious and noble thoughts may come and go once in our lifetime. Many simply will end in a life of futility with broken vows and promises to God. A person with no passion is like an extinguishing candle; it’s light dies out quickly into oblivion. May we all have a passionate heart like this woman holding the alabaster jar in our hands and ready to break it for the Lord, in Jesus holy name I pray, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing: Link to Majesty Chorale music CD http://mmm4him.org/index.php?route=content/article&id=1)


王倚真、楊靜姝、陈炽 榮神传播協會
Majesty Multimedia Ministries www.mmm4him.org



    繼續為美國禱告, 向參加華府遊行捍衛聖經真理的各教會牧師執長, 弟兄姊妹們致敬, 為我們立下好榜樣!

美国华人基督徒参加华盛顿维护传统婚姻游行 News:


 裁决同性婚姻 美国高法大法官可能驳回该案 :


 Update March for Marriage news:



    “三一運動-束裝待發, 為主出征"2013  4/13 年會請上網報名-講員:章長基博士, 王峙軍牧師,趙約翰牧師/師母 (這麼好的講員請勿錯失良機!!)

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