「你要傳福音[a],無論得時不得時,總要堅持。」(福音——原文直譯「話語」或「道」) 提摩太後書4:2

“Preach the word. Be ready to serve God in good times and bad.” (II Timothy 4:2 NIV)

默想禱告:在瞻仰遺容之前,我向家屬做了件挺唐突的事。反正當時說溜了嘴就覆水難收, 瞬 間意識到自己的冒失莽撞,但不明白為甚麽在那種場合,我的表現竟然會那樣輕率!說不上幾句安慰的話,我向洪保利師母就提出請求:「遠東廣播公司在六月三十 在芝加哥舉行25週年感恩聚餐,我負責幫忙音樂節目,領敬拜,您願意參與嗎?」想想這樣做實在是太無禮又冒犯的妄舉!我怎麽可能没考慮到師母九個月以來心 力交瘁地照顧洪牧師,直到他安返天家的那天,更不用說她每個家人正處於哀痛難捨的心境?不知所措間,我突然聽見一聲爽朗的回應,她帶着肯定的語氣回答: 「我願意!」感到莫明的驚訝後,接下來我要面臨更大的挑戰。記憶中,我們的音樂團隊已經超過五年没有一齊領唱,合唱。此外,「生命之歌」也缺了另一位主力 歌手,就是遠在雲南宣教的李朝强師母楊靜姝姊妹;再加上自己大病後,聲音有些變樣,體衰氣弱,像生了銹的車軸,不動那運轉的齒輪。然而往下連續四週,我們努力調整重組,定時練唱,在專心讚美的感召下再度湧出敬拜主的激情,心中醞釀著聖樂所引發浪漫的情愫,整個心靈被那歷久彌新,優雅的詩歌韻律所感動,激發內心一股感恩的熱潮。更可貴的是一對年青拉大、小提琴的姊弟在旁為母親伴奏,如雙翼般托住,承載著一束束向上飄逸的音符。誠如洪師母(游麗卿姊妹)獨唱分享中所說:「無論得時不得時,總要堅持事奉。」是的,蒙上帝恩典所圍繞保守的兒女,我們可以在敬拜讚美中把悲傷化作力量,憂愁化為喜樂,軟弱變為剛强,無助轉為盼望;因為衪是那位帶領我們出黑暗,入奇妙光明的神,祂的信實廣大,祂的應許也永不落空!在這次的特會中,我們切實經歷到事奉不是靠人的才幹力量,乃是靠神的靈方能成事」屬靈原則的體現。在此亦感謝「遠東廣播公司」 給我們以音樂服侍的機會,史麗華姊妹,同工十多年的司琴李美薇姊妹的鼎力相助,和芝加哥中國基督徒合唱團的献詩,感恩祷告奉主耶穌聖名,阿們。(陳熾弟兄 分享:當晚洪師母現場獨唱「主甘願」詩歌一首,並由子女提琴伴奏,唱時情感真摯,音色佳美,蕩氣迴腸,使聽者無不動容。)



Meditation and Prayer: As I conveyed my deepest condolences to Rev. Paul Horng’s family during his wake at the funeral home, I abruptly digressed from sharing words of comfort, to making a totally insensitive request to Lily who was beset by sadness for the loss of her beloved husband. “FEBC is going to have their 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner on June 30th, and I am assisting in the worship/praise program, would you be interested in singing?” I can’t believe I said that.  I was embarrassed for the fact that not only the timing was inappropriate, but our partnership in music ministries have suspended over 5 years due to my illness. How are we supposed to re-group in a month? Yet without hesitation, I heard a resounding “Yes” from Lily with her strong conviction. In the ensuing weeks, we were then pre-occupied with practices, rehearsals, and other preparation. The greatest surprise is the joining-in of Jeanette and Eric, Lily’s grown children, who decided to play violin and cello to support their mother. Watching a grieving family supporting each other by serving God and sing praises to Him is the most exhilarating and touching moments I have ever witnessed. Indeed, Christians have down time too; perhaps we are saddened by sudden loss of family member, confronted by unforeseen hardships and illness, or faced with imminent danger, nevertheless, we are still the recipients of God’s unlimited provision of joy, peace and love. One cannot fathom this seemingly paradoxical display of emotions unless one is filled with the Holy Spirit who performs the transforming wonders by lifting us up from depression and life’s heavy burdens at our most vulnerable time. I also thank FEBC for giving us the opportunity to serve Him in music again, also the assistance from sister Lih Hwa, and the ever faithful pianist Amy Lee, and the Chicago Chinese Christian Chorale’s choral presentation, in Jesus name I offer thanksgiving to, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


王倚真、楊靜姝、陈炽 神传播協會

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