In fact, we always pray that God will show you everything he wants you to do and that you may have all the wisdom and understanding that his Spirit gives.” (Colossians 1:9 CEV)


默想禱告: 上週在退修營會謐静的氛圍中, 我得以凝神貫注, 專心致志地聆聽講員鍾舜貴牧師所闡述的聖經經文, 有關事奉主的人必需具備的屬靈素質。


鍾牧師的訓導可說是字字珠璣, 砰砰碰碰地灑落心底, 感覺宛如大珠小珠落玉盤, 只能用敏銳的悟性來捕獲從神而來源源不絕的啟示。


到了小組分享心得時間, 我於是爭先發言, 因為實在壓制不住內心一股强烈的觸動, 像高温中攪動的泉湧, 我灼熱的心思頃刻向上奔騰!


「一個事奉主的人, 最重要的是學習更多體貼神的心意。」我打開筆記本, 一字不漏的讀出這句訓言。「但偏偏我是一個不懂體貼別人的人, 更不用說要體貼神的心意。怎麼辦?」我揭開自己心中的困惑。


雖然做不好, 但我在理性思維的層面能夠深刻領會。我說:“「體貼」首先是要建立在關係的基礎上, 倫常關係是一種有機的互動, 是以愛為元素來激發關顧別人的能量; 愛越深, 越徹底, 「體貼」的心就越細微, 越有目標方向。這是我從妻子身上體察到, 實際的感受到她對我那些具體的體貼行動。我就是她「體貼」的受益者。”


“三 十多年的婚姻生活, 到了現今的階段, 我經常感覺我還沒說完一段話,她已經大致上知道我在想些甚麼, 我對事情要作出甚麼樣的決定。我日常的需要, 各 方各面的缺欠, 她都很自然地給我補足, 不用我再去費心。「體貼」並非「操縱」;體貼是處處為對方著想, 不求私利, 把自己生命中最好的一部份, 包 括寶貴的時間, 精力, 才幹都投注在對方的身上, 付代價當中沒有半點作難, 沒有任何保留。然而, 我對她施與的體貼尚未報以相等程度的回饋。”


“我們所信的既然是又真又活的神, 我們能否明白, 進而體貼祂的心意乃是視乎我們與主關係的密切和交融度有多深多高。人與人殘缺有極限的愛尚且能彼此體貼, 建立真摯的情誼, 何況那位有無限慈愛憐恤,又體貼人軟弱的主耶穌, 豈不更悅納我們對祂長闊高深的愛所發自心底的激情回應, 豈不更樂意把祂在我們身上的旨意清楚顯明。”


“將心比心, 凡有一顆願意討主喜悅的心, 那人便自然明白神在他身上的旨意。因為神樂意把祂所喜悅、所心愛的事,也就是祂心中所要得著的事告訴祂所愛的兒女。甚麼時候我們搶先籌算自己的利害得失, 定睛在世上的榮譽享樂, 落入無止境追逐功名成就的失衡心態, 我們屬靈的視野就馬上被蒙蔽,再也分辨不清楚什麼是神的心意,什麼是神的旨意了。”


求聖靈引導幫助, 我們都願意學習像保羅所說: 「我體會基督耶穌的心腸。(腓 1:8)」, 就是常常多向主說: “主,你要我為你做些甚麼?, 而減少說: “請你為我成就這事那事!” 誠心禱告, 奉主耶穌聖名祈求, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)


Meditation & Prayer: Last weekend’s church retreat took me away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days.


“Building a spiritual lifestyle” was the central theme, a very challenging but necessary subject for all Christians.


Among many insightful lectures, one topic stood out the most-“How does one understand the heart of God?” This is especially tough for someone like me who does not normally display a touchy feely kind of temperament. “How am I supposed to know God’s will?”


But through personal relationships, I am able not only to conceptualize the meaning, but actually experience the substance and effects of an intimate bond existed within our marital relationship, even though it is always lopsided.


After 30 years of marriage, our relationship reaches to the point that Sarah, my wife, would literally know my thought process, anticipate my next move and cater to my needs. There is a big difference between “Manipulation” and “Knowing one’s heart”, whereas the latter always demonstrates the genuine care of one person toward another, supported by his/her concrete actions for the benefits of the other, disregard of personal sacrifice and cost. I wish I can match the same intensity level and focus on meeting her needs.


Our God is a living God, and a relational God. For me to know his will depends upon how I value my relationship with Him. The more I know about Christ and appreciate how much he has done for me will certainly reflect the level of intimacy I have toward Him.


Likewise, what does it tell you if a Christian keep asking or diligently searching for God’s will?


Loving parents are always aware of their children’s impending needs and satisfy them with their best interests in mind. A mature child, by the same token, would also be sensitive and responsive to the love of his/her parent with a thanksgiving heart and find ways to please them.


As long as we maintain an organic, intimate relationship with our Lord, and give our full attention to His word and follow his instructions in all aspects of our lives, knowing his will shouldn’t be that difficult and mysterious anymore, in Jesus holy name I give thanks and worship, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)


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