「耶穌走遍各城各鄉,在會堂裡教訓人,宣講天國的福音,又醫治各樣的病症。祂看見許多人,就憐憫他們,因為他們困苦流離,如同羊沒有牧人一般。於是對門徒說:"要收的莊稼多,作工的人少。所以,你們當求莊稼的主,打發工人出去收祂的莊稼。」 (馬太福音九35-38)

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:35-38)

默想禱告: 上週在紐約「角聲福音廣場」cchc.org與同工們分享禱告中, 我形容我們倆人真像是剛搬來法拉盛區的新移民,嚐到了一點「大蘋果」的味道。

走在大街小巷, 碰面都是汹湧的人潮, 擦肩而過。耳邊傳來忽起忽落不明來歷的鄉音,我 好奇的眼球於是左右不停翻動,一下子注目在拖带著小皮箱、打扮時髦從外地來的年輕女子, 轉過頭又看到撿拾破爛的老人伸手向垃圾箱往深處挖。突然間, 在 我身旁出現一位四, 五歲的小男孩, 緊緊拉著媽媽的手, 邊走邊說一串流利標準的普通話…還有水果店門前擦汗的攤販; 和一群年青和中年婦女, 個個睜 著眼, 定晴看著廣告欄上登載招聘按摩師, 看管小孩當褓母的標貼。

在這種紛雜的環境中, 我的心緒也相應地急速轉移, 不知道如何調適。 我問自己, 究竟我是用甚麼樣的心情來認識這個城市? 如果我是一名遊客, 我肯定會流連在「零點大樓」Ground Zero, 登上 「自由女像」; 或在美國國慶日晚上佇立「哈得遜河」旁觀賞壯麗的煙花。如果我是生意人, 投資者, 「華爾街」一定像枚巨大的磁鐵把我深深吸去。但奇怪的是, 站在四面人流沖沖的霎那間, 我卻不由自主的聯想到,我們的主耶穌是以甚麼樣的心情來看這個上百萬的華裔群體, 在異邦中苦苦求存?

於是再度想起當年耶穌離開高天寶座,降卑為人,介入歷史時空,走遍各城各鄉, 不是去觀光, 不是來旅遊; 乃是用憐憫的目光看世人, 看我們困苦流離, 如同羊没有牧人一般。祂不僅僅看, 更是付諸行動, 醫治纏裹千萬受傷的靈魂, 甚至甘願將自己獻上, 以無罪代替有罪, 完成偉大的救恩。

基督徒本該具有耶穌這樣的普世情懷, 願意成為被祂打發去禾場收割的工人。然而我們卻往往當了「溜工」,走回自己的「安樂窩」, 還是依舊選擇鑽進生命的死胡同。

「生 命要突破, 走出安樂窩」。大凡將生活的型式鎖定在令自己感覺安逸舒暢, 不想再越出自設的生命疆界; 反而要存心堅守已經定性的生活行為、情感意志的堡 壘, 我們就很容易逐漸失去屬靈生命的正確視野, 更不可能實踐主所托付的使命。因為有甚麼樣的人生視野, 就會活出甚麼樣的生命內容。

從人群中抽離, 我終於看見一束束寂寞空虛的眼神, 一對對身心靈乾渴又疲憊的步伐, 等待著你和我用神的話,用關懷和愛心去澆灌滋潤。求主擦亮我們的視野, 擴展我們的心靈疆界, 勇敢地走出安樂窩, 努力去收割已熟的莊稼! 祈求禱告奉主耶穌聖名, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享-請聽陳弟兄早年創作 “A Lonely Man” 廣東話版) 



A Lonely Man            陈炽    孔庆光


 挤逼的街中一个汉子,鼓起急促的脚步,追赶他心渴想的美梦。他的一双目光中,找不到今生意义, 心中只得冷冰一片 He's a lonely man(x2), Woo-Woo!

 现实梦幻样都市眼光,只管今朝的富裕,不管世间有真理故事。实是现实,莫做梦?!” 不想听听这句话,可惜只得强讲声对吧?!”He's a lonely man(x2), Woo-Woo!


 三一朝他得知美丽信息,听说世界有意义,忧伤悲哀也可变往事。一双温馨的手,一张温馨的笑脸,只想祝福他每一个片段。No more lonely man(x2), Woo-Woo! 恒常能快乐重现。

*曾在某天某年,神亲降世为罪人,宁舍去性命赏给丰富恩典,凡愿意靠他的名, 神必会赐下拯救,爱里永远带领与相伴,从今不再独处。

Meditation & Prayer: Strolling around Main Street in Flushing NY, I felt like entering into a miniature city of Guangzhou or Hong Kong, where streams of fast paced pedestrians passed me by, frantically searching for something. Among them, there are fashioned young women walking with compact luggage on wheels, small kids held hands with their mothers speaking in perfect Beijing accent, and a group of middle age females fixing their eyes on “Want Ads” for massage workers and housekeepers.

I was little confused of my new identity. Am I a tourist, an investor, or a harvester? My new identity determines what kind of lens I am going to wear in developing new relationships after relocation.

If being a retiree tourist, I will definitely focus my attention on all historical and monumental sites such as Ground Zero, Statutes of Liberty, Ellis Island…. Or as an investor, I probably could not escape the magnetic pull of Wall Street and the prime real estate in Manhattan areas.

Yet, the Lord reminds me to see things in his own perspective: “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd…” Through this passage, I can immediately visualize a shocking image of the Almighty God, who humbled himself by entering into human history confined by time and space, and subsequently died of a humiliating death on the cross to accomplish his salvation for human kind.  

Every Christian is supposed to develop a replica of the spiritual portfolio derived from Jesus’ example, yet we tend to easily retreat to our comfort zones. (Whatever that makes us feel at ease, safe and secured)

Only when we are in compliance with the Lord’s perspective to view this world and people, we are likely to maintain a spiritual lifestyle that is in a perpetual state of status-quo, risk free but unfulfilling. I pray for a breakthrough in our lives by the grace of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus holy name, amen. (Brother Mike Chan sharing)   



·     「榮神」總幹事陳熾弟兄夫婦將於九月初往紐約, 參與角声佈道團事奉。請為 「榮神」事工芝加哥代表劉鳳珠Felicia Liu 姊妹禱告,求主賜她智慧力量, 代表「榮神」繼續服侍眾教會和機構。

·     「榮神」推出新設計的網頁, 與教會機構保持連繫, 建立一道交流橋樑和平台 請點擊瀏覽新網頁:http://www.mmm4him.org/


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