“But he finds joy in the Law of the Lord and thinks about His Law day and night.” (Psalms 1:2 NLV)


「我喜悅你的法度,如同喜悅一切的財物。」詩篇119: 14

“I have rejoiced in your laws as much as in riches.” (Psalms 119:14)


默想禱告: 退出職場雖然祗有短短两週, 27年的生理時鐘卻依然每天早晨六點準時叮噹敲響。


最大的差別是在於下床後的活動內容--比較起以往急忙起來漱洗穿衣, 趕一小時火車, 頂多30分鐘的快餐式靈修, 八小時的凝神審批監督作業, 晚飯後僅僅两小時的精神鬆馳, 直到頹然入睡; 如今的生活流程可真是起了革命性的變化。


今早我照常六時起床, 讀經默想两小時, 然後與妻子到隣近公園漫步晨操, 觀賞貼近密歇根湖蜿蜒平靜的分支水流和四圍的翠綠, 轉身再面向整排芝加哥矗立的商業大樓市容, 心神不禁感覺怡然舒展。


很多共事多年的同僚, 上司和下屬都詫異我作了提早退休的決定, 為何從上班族的湍流中急急撤退。「多幹幾年, 福利更優厚,不是更上算嗎?」


惟 有當中一群基督徒, 其中有白人, 非洲裔, 西班牙裔的主內弟兄弟姐妹, 同聲一致地衷心祝賀, 逐一給我深深的擁抱。 因為他們明白, 亦能認同基督 徒一生的事業重心乃是超越世界的標準範疇; 心中籌算的再也不是如何力爭更豐厚的物質享受, 競逐那不可存留的名譽聲望, 而是樂於追求認識更深更廣上帝 的法度, 就是那生命最高的智慧。


原來每個人的生命情調是一種刻意的抉擇。價值觀的建造, 生活形態的取向及生活節奏和步調, 都取決於個人在心志上作出何種方式的開墾與耕耘, 用何種土壤, 澆灌施肥, 以至結出甚麼樣的果實, 一切都可以追本溯源。


不錯,「耶和華的律法全備、能甦醒人心.耶和華的法度確定、能使愚人有智慧。(詩篇19:7)」但我們若把自己終日置身在喧嘩的鬧市中,流淌在黑白是非顛倒, 價值錯亂移位的群體中, 神話語所昭示、啟迪關乎生命的智慧就很難在我們內心如花綻放。

我深願做一個有福氣的人-就是學習更多的認識神, 首先承認自己靈性的貧乏, 尚未徹底對付心中不討主喜悅的過犯, 轉過來容讓神的話語日漸更新改變自己的心態,祈求主耶穌的聖潔、仁慈、公義、憐恤等美德在内心灌注充塞; 繼而用這種靈性的熱度,來溫暖因被罪惡破壞而變得冰冷的世界。 

主的心意是要我們從祂所領受的祝福, 滿足的喜樂如春雨般灑落在一遍遍堅硬的心田,將祂的「道種」植下, 使無數的新生命能發芽長大。


我懷著這種篤定的意念退下職場, 轉身又踏上另一段嶄新的路途! 感恩禱告奉主耶穌聖名, 阿們。(陳熾弟兄分享)

Meditation & Prayer: Two weeks after retirement, my biological alarm clock is still ticking at 6 am faithfully like the last 27 years.


However, the drastic change lies in not so much when do I get up, but how I conduct my daily business.


My defunct morning drill started from riding an hour Metra train to the city, 30 minutes top reading the Bible passages on deck; to 8 hours of mental concentration on adjudications of cases, a brief relaxation after dinner, and went straight to bed. This cycle repeated itself for almost 3 decades until it finally ended on July 31st.


The greatest enjoyment, a fresh taste of my retirement, is the unlimited, unpressured time span I can devote to study and meditate on the word of God, contrasting to the previous pattern of living-preoccupy myself with endless activities, despite many of those were ministry-related.  


Dr. Charles Stanley says: “To meditate requires time, outward silence, and inner quiet, three things that many of us unfortunately do not believe we must give to God. We tend to be spiritually anemic because we keep busy running from one activity to the next…But if we choose to meditate, God has great rewards for us.” “Through meditation, our view of the Lord enlarges because we learn to see Him as He really is. We also see problems and needs in their proper perspective. No difficulty is too big for our Father. When we experience the living God, our discernment is sharpened, and we learn to think as He thinks. Of course, the greatest reward of meditation is an increased sensitivity to God, His will, and His work in our life.” (Excerpt from the Power of Biblical Meditation by Dr. Charles Stanley-In Touch Ministries)


Now I am more determined to reconstruct my once fragmented lifestyle, so as to renew my spiritual perspective rooted in his word, and to re-focus my attention with a heightened sensitivity toward His calling.


What a true and invigorating experience that I can identify with these two particular verses:  “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” (Psalms 16:11) “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.” (Psalms 19:7)


The Lord is indeed gracious to both of us. He bestows on us many spiritually blessings not only through meditation, but also offers us the opportunity to serve him in New York in concrete actions.


May we honor Him with our commitment and glorify Him in the next new chapter of our lives, in Jesus holy name we pray, amen. (Bother Mike Chan)




·         为美国政治、文化、道德、宗教大倒退祈求, 再不悔改归回, 国势将更衰落, 社会方寸大乱。

·         瑞伯信義會真理堂舉辦講座: 「基督徒如何看待同性戀」(8/17) 見附件

·       为龚文辉牧师与汪洁在非洲肯亚宣教代祷。请浏览附件。



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